NP Online Certification Review Course

NP Online Certification Review Course

DCNP Course Description

Welcome to the Dermatology Certified Nurse Practitioner (DCNP) online review course. This course was designed to provide the nurse practitioner with a concise study guide to help prepare for the certification examination. It represents the countless volunteer hours of power point authors, vetters, and pilot testers. The course consists of 11 modules. The subject matter for each module was derived from content mapping of the DCNP examination. There is no audio associated with the course to allow the learner to proceed at their desired pace and facilitate timely updates. Each module has accompanying review questions. Continuing education credit is obtained by successfully completing the review questions and attaining a score of at least 70%. Completion of the evaluation for each course is required to attain the continuing education certificate. Eligible for up to 38.27 NCPD/CE & AANP credits.

We wish you success in completing the certification examination.

If you previously received CE's for any content you may access and complete again but for license requirements you can only claim credit once per module.

The review questions at the end of each module may or may not be reflective of the certification examination questions. Completion of this course DOES NOT insure the participant will attain a passing score on the certification examination.

This package is only available for one year after purchase.

Commercial Support - Sanofi-Regeneron - Modules 1-10 only. No commercial support for Module 11.

Standard: $800.00
Members: $500.00